Update 12/03/18 and Mothers’ Day

Unfortunately, I was very ill indeed over the weekend with excruciating headaches and vomiting, in addition to everything else. It was all at its worst on Saturday and, thankfully, began to ease off a bit on Sunday, which was Mothers’ Day in the UK. I am still feeling a bit delicate today, so cannot write much, but I will show you the lovely cards and presents given to me by my “boys”. They both had to work, but tried to make the time when they were at home as nice as possible for me, with lots of hugs and kisses, kind words and loads of cups of tea!

Here are their cards and gifts: a beautiful amethyst and crystal pendant from Elder Son and a cute and very blingy bag charm and chocs from Younger Son. Of course, the hugs, kisses and kind words are far more important to me, but pressies show thoughtfulness.

Mothers’ Day gifts 2018

Mothers’ Day gifts 2018

I hope any other Mums had a great day too!

Best wishes,


P.S. I am having a slight dilemma here. Does anyone with good grammar knowledge know? Is it Mother’s Day or Mothers’ Day? Not sure!

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2 Responses to Update 12/03/18 and Mothers’ Day

  1. Mothering Sunday 😀
    I guess as it is a day for all mothers, it should be Mothers’ Day


    • The Librain says:

      That’s what I thought too! Yes, my Mum always insisted on Mothering Sunday as she was a staunch Methodist. 😄


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