Update 17/04/18: Stress and anxiety

One of the causes of my health issues is stress. This family has had a lot of difficulties for a long time and we seem to have had to weather more storms than many others. Trying to stay strong for my chaps eventually resulted in my mental and physical health collapsing in my 50s and I continue to struggle daily. Sadly, Lovely Husband is now also battling with a wide range of health problems too.

When I get stressed my cough gets worse. However hard I try to remain calm, my body betrays the state of my mind. So I am struggling this evening as I am so worried about LH. He is having a cataract operation tomorrow. Yes, I know it is very common and thousands of people recover well and are absolutely fine afterwards, but I can’t help worrying.

I will try to update the blog tomorrow evening, all being well.

Best wishes,


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Retired School Librarian
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4 Responses to Update 17/04/18: Stress and anxiety

  1. Kim says:

    Have you tried some gentle yoga? Not intense but easy moves that you can do lying down,etc
    I would google yoga for beginners( I like to find the ones for seniors although I am not quite yet).There’s lots of great videos on youtube. It might help and sure couldn’t hurt!


    • The Librain says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I took yoga classes for years and am still very supple in my joints – ai am sure thanks to yoga. Sadly, I am unable to do it any more for a number of reasons. X


  2. Kim says:

    Oh and yes all well go well for the MR


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