Outfit of the day 29/06/18

Once again, it has been a gorgeous day so far and I am feeling doubly pleased that we went out as well. Lovely Husband had an important meeting this morning and, while he was out, I made a real effort to get out of bed and spruce myself up. On his arrival home, I was well enough to suggest that we could go out for lunch and so we had a wonderful drive through the countryside to a local pub, which was full. In fact the whole village was heaving (there must have been some kind of event). We then went to our favourite hotel and really enjoyed their fish and chip special!

Carrying on this week’s blue and white theme, I tried out something new for me: mixed patterns. I adore my kimono jacket and realised that this old linen skirt’s colours were exactly the same tones of blue, so wore them together with a navy vest. I think that the outfit worked, well, I hope so. By the way, the colours don’t look that close in the photos below, but they are in real life.

Today’s outfit:

  • Navy cotton vest – Sainsbury’s Tu.
  • Blue and white modal China Tree kimono jacket – One Hundred Stars.
  • Blue and white linen skirt – Marks and Spencer.
  • Navy leather sandals – Suave.
  • Blue iris leather and pale gold Vara Bow bracelet – Ferragamo.
  • Blue and white ceramic and silver floral earrings – Emma Amies via Etsy.
Outfit of the day 29/06/18

Outfit of the day 29/06/18

It seems that this lovely weather is going to continue. Mind you, I now have two nasty insect bites – the little beasts love to chomp on me and, unfortunately, my skin always reacts badly. I could hardly sleep last night because of the itching!

Anyway, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,


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