Wardrobe planning #28: Wardrobe colour wheel update #02

Back in the early days of this blog, I tried to work out a sensible plan for my wardrobe including clothes, accessories and footwear. I had been, and am still, inspired by the wonderful Vivienne Files website and the way that Janice uses colourwheels to organise existing wardrobes and the buying of new pieces. This method helps to combat my tendency to purchase random items in a rainbow of colours simply because that item has taken my fancy. As I spend so much time online and have a monthly spends budget, I need to control my rather serendipitous buying!

The colour wheels below show the changes that I am making from my first attempt to make some sense of my wardrobe to my latest version, where I have had to account for some changes to my appearance.

First attempt:

Wardrobe Colours chart version #01

Wardrobe Colours chart version #01

For my first version, I assessed what I already had in my wardrobe, scarf collection, jewellery box, and so on, and came up with what I felt would be a working model. In this wheel, I had two base colours, or neutrals: navy and brown, with four accent colours: turquoise, purple, cream/ivory and coral.

Second version:

Wardrobe Colours chart version #02

Wardrobe Colours chart version #02

The second attempt came about because I quickly realised that brown wouldn’t really work for me long term. Some shades, such as tan, were fine for footwear and handbags, but others, like beige, were dreadful for my skin tone. Navy, on the other hand, was great as my base colour and I began to purchase more navy items.

Third version:

Wardrobe Colours chart version #03

Wardrobe Colours chart version #03

The third version was an honest assessment of what was really going on in my wardrobe and purchases. The rigid adherence to colour shades was not working for me – who needs to keep to rigid rules? I love all blue/green colours, for example, such as turquoise, aqua, and teal. Also, cobalt really appeals and purple colours from the darkest blackberry to mauve, lilac and lavender. I didn’t want to restrict myself just for an arbitrary plan, but, at the same time, needed structure so that I wouldn’t suddenly buy a piece in orange which wouldn’t go with anything.

Latest version:

Wardrobe Colours chart version #04

Wardrobe Colours chart version #04

So this latest and fourth version reflects my wardrobe now. I realised that going grey would have an effect on which colours would work for me. Bright cobalt, all shades of purple and turquoise, and warm pinks are lovely and I feel happy wearing them. Navy is a great base colour for me, but the brown items have had to go! I have kept a couple of tops in animal print which work with some of my scarves that I don’t want to get rid of. Apart from those, I am removing everything brown as it looks horrible and washes me out. I still love footwear in tan, so these are staying, especially as they work well with navy.

All of this development in eighteen months! Yes, it is also a bit obsessive, but as I am retired and cannot do much because of illness, I have the time to think about these things. I will now see if this fourth version works longer term. I don’t think that I need to add in another neutral, but will stick with navy as it is easy to find.

Anyway, if you are interested in analysing and planning your wardrobe like this, here are some of my previous posts on the matter. Also, do explore the Vivienne Files site as it is so inspiring.

Wardrobe planning #02 – choosing colours #01

Wardrobe planning #03 – choosing colours #02

Wardrobe planning #04 – choosing colours #03

Wardrobe planning #22: Wardrobe colour wheel update

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