Outfit of the day 02/08/18

Well, it should really be Yesterday’s Outfit of the Day! The temperature is rising here again and this has affected me quite badly today. I have had to lie in bed in my undies with multiple fans on, drinking water by the gallon. Feeling nauseous and with a pounding headache – not good when I am trying to improve my fitness levels. I hope that I can manage more tomorrow.

So, here is yesterday’s outfit:

  • Pond blue cotton vest – Lands’ End.
  • Navy linen mix trousers – Isle Collection.
  • Crystal and gold earrings – H Samuel.
  • Blue and white resin, leather and gold bracelet – Grand Tour Collection. I held it up for the photo so that you could get a good idea of the size.
Outfit of the day 02/08/18 with bracelet by Grand Tour Collection

Outfit of the day 02/08/18 with bracelet by Grand Tour Collection

I adore this bracelet, which shows a copy of an Ancient Roman sculpture. Grand Tour Collection (link in the sidebar) is a company based in Rome which produces a range of gorgeous jewellery like this. Follow them on Instagram to see modelling pictures of their lovely designs. I have a number of items on my wishlist and I think that a pair of earrings will be on their way to me quite soon! Perhaps in a few months…

Tomorrow I will update the blog with a post about my Diet and Exercise Improvement Plan. I have felt real progress this week and hope that it continues, even if we get hotter weather again.

Best wishes,


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