Update 06/08/18 and a lovely reveal!

Well, I had a long wait but it was well worth it! I won’t go into all of the detail, but let me simply say that Massaccesi’s good customer service sorted everything out in the end.

So let’s enjoy the reveal…

Here is the parcel after unwrapping the plastic…

Loads of tissue paper showing careful packing…

The open box with just a hint of what is to come…

Ooh! Gorgeous… 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Out of the box: presenting Victoria in amethyst pebbled leather with pale gold hardware and a lilac lining by Marco Massaccesi…

Here is the back view…

The inside with the pretty lilac lining – such excellent quality. First showing the internal zipped pocket…

Then the leather edged slip pockets…

High quality pale gold hardware…

With the “wings” out…

I bought this bag to go with this lovely scarf – Jaguar Quetzal by Hermès – amongst other things. What do you think? In real life all of the colours match and blend beautifully.

Another view with the scarf…

Last two! Firstly showing the bag with the sides in…

Second photo showing the sides out…

I have another small item on the way that will also look lovely with this handbag and I will model it all when I am feeling better and the weather is cool enough to wear a scarf!

Hope you like my new bag as much as I do.

Best wishes,


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4 Responses to Update 06/08/18 and a lovely reveal!

  1. Jan says:

    Stunning. How long did you wait for this gem, Anne?


    • The Librain says:

      I had to wait just over a month when it is usually only two to three weeks. There was a bit of a muddle, but they were good at sorting it all out.x


  2. Elizabeth Bentley says:

    Gorgeous. I am deeply envious.


    • The Librain says:

      I had to save up for quite a while for it. This leather is very hard wearing and the quality of the whole bag is great, so it should last for years. I have had my other bag for nearly two years and there isn’t any wear at all. Thanks for your comment x


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