Update 23/08/18 and a surprise reveal!

I am beginning to think about my colder weather wardrobe as the mornings get cooler and nights start to draw in. Earlier in the year I had a clear out of my old footwear, especially in colours that don’t work for me any more. Some of my ankle boots had definitely seen better days and others had heels that are far too high for me nowadays!

My thinking drew me back to the Duo Boots website (link in the sidebar), formerly known as Ted and Muffy, formerly known as Duo Boots! Their prices are quite high, but they do offer wide fitting boots, both in calf and foot size, which are great for me.

Anyway, here is the reveal…

The pretty shoe box, rather camouflaged against my duvet cover!

The open box…

Lovely navy suede ankle boots….

Here are the images of the boots from the Duo Boots website…

The heel height is perfect for me and the suede is a very good quality with a fine “grain”. The boots will look great with jeans and I will also wear them with my navy jersey skirts and, perhaps, my merino wool dresses later on in the year.

I have my eye on another pair of boots, but they will have to wait awhile until my money tree has been watered!

Best wishes,


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