Outfits of the weekend! 27/08/18

I am sitting in bed today in my pyjamas, having had a huge coughing and choking fit last night. The weekend was also pretty tough. Lovely Husband and I had a mutual Black Cloud, worrying about our present state as a family and also feeling very negative about the future. We really dragged each other down and both ended up feeling pretty terrible. When I have recovered a bit, physically, I will have to try really hard to pull myself, and then LH, out of our pity pit!

And then try to go for a walk!

Anyway, for once it was LH who didn’t want to go out of the house. I dressed myself up a bit on Saturday and Sunday in an attempt to cheer up. Well, when I say “dressed up”, I mean put on a nice top half, including a scarf and earrings, but left on my pyjama trousers. I would have changed into jeans or chinos if we had left the house – just in case anyone was wondering about that!

So here are my weekend “Outfits of the Day”…

Saturday’s outfit:

  • Purple sapphire cotton vest – Land’s End. This colour matches exactly one of the shades on the scarf, which is nice 😍.
  • Frosted lavender cotton mix cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Purple and turquoise soutache earrings – Etsy.
  • Silk scarf, 90cm, in lilac, aqua, purple, green – Dans un Jardin Anglais – Hermès. Necklace tie.
Outfit of the day 25/08/18 with Hermès Dans un Jardin Anglais scarf

Outfit of the day 25/08/18 with Hermès Dans un Jardin Anglais scarf

Here is the necklace tie in full, using Escales Mediterranéenes. It is very easy to do – just put the scarf into a bias fold, then tie a simple knot in the centre, tie the two ends together and then place around the neck. MaiTai shows this with more knots around the scarf. It is a nice way of wearing a 90cm scarf on a warm day as most of the thickness is away from the neck.

Escales Mediterranéenes in a necklace tie

Escales Mediterranéenes in a necklace tie

MaiTai’s tutorial from YouTube (the link to her main website is in the sidebar):

Sunday’s outfit: there was a real change in the weather as it was cold and very wet, so I wore my new cotton jumper from Lands’ End…

  • Radiant navy cotton cable jumper – Lands’ End.
  • Silver Celtic style earrings.
  • White enamel and silver bangle.
  • Silk scarf, 90cm, in navy, cobalt, grey and white – Owl in the City – Aspinal.
Outfit of the day 26/08/18 with Aspinal’s Owl in the City scarf

Outfit of the day 26/08/18 with Aspinal’s Owl in the City scarf

I used a bias fold and a very casual knot this time and even managed to get some of the owl’s wing on view 😍. As it was cold, I had to fluff out the part of the scarf around the back of my neck. Cold! After this hot Summer!

Let’s hope that things perk up this week.

Best wishes,


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