Update 30/08/18 with a few purchases

As we draw nearer to the Autumn and the weather cools, I am thinking about gaps in my wardrobe. I am trying to lose weight, but know that I may not be very successful, due to the side-effects from many of my medications. Because of this, quite a few of my clothes are getting rather tight. I believe that clothing looks better when it fits properly, neither too loose nor too tight. As my body shape is not ideal, it is difficult to find items that fit well and I am not wealthy enough to be able to afford tailored outfits! So, I have to do the best I can with online shopping and I tend to stick to brands that have worked for me in the past.

That’s why I buy a lot of clothing from Lands’ End. I like their quality: everything I have bought from them so far has been well made and has washed well. I like their colours: I have been able to find a range of items in my colour scheme. And I like their offers and sales: I hardly ever buy anything from them at the full price.

My trusty jeans are a little on the tight side and I have a range of very casual lounge wear/joggers in navy, but I thought there was room in my wardrobe for another pair of “bottoms”. When I saw a discount offer at 40% off trousers at Lands’ End, I bought these stretchy cords in navy. They aren’t the most elegant of items, but I know they will fit and will be comfortable for me as I already have them in brown (which I will soon be removing as I am no longer wearing this colour, apart from a very few items).

Here they are… (apologies for the small image)…

Navy cord trousers - Lands’ End

Navy cord trousers – Lands’ End

Another, smaller, parcel also arrived today. Back in December, I bought some solid shampoo – Rapunzel from Feel Great Soap – which I am still using as it hasn’t run out yet! I thought that I would try some from another company next and ordered these – Lavender & Geranium soap and Rosemary & Lavender shampoo bar – from Wild Sage & Co. At some point in the future I may write a post reviewing these shampoo and soap bars from different companies. At the moment, I will just say that the Rapunzel bar from Feel Geeat Soap has been a great success so far and I love the effect on my hair. Let’s wait and see what the new ones are like.

Here they are…

Soaps from Wild Sage & Co

Soaps from Wild Sage & Co

Tomorrow I will post an updated Diet and Exercise post.

Best wishes,


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