Update 03/09/18

I have managed to be a bit more active today, although I am still not well enough to go for a walk. Even tasks such as hanging out washing leave me in a heap wheezing my head off, so I have to be careful.

To keep myself busy, I have done some housework and also updated my Scarf of the Moment post about Alice Shirley’s Hermès design, Jaguar Quetzal. I have added in the new twilly colourways, put in some links to useful threads on the Purse Forum, and included another Outfit of the Day collage. I am still in the process of collecting material on my new twilly, Coup de Fouet au Bloc, so that I can write a Scarf of the Moment post on the design.

I just threw on this scarf today (Fall Leaves by ArtDeTerre via Etsy) over one of my purple vests and the blackberry-coloured cardigan. It has quite an autumnal vibe with browns, green, pink, blue, turquoise and purple and looks very pretty with lots of different outfits.

Outfit of the day 03/09/18 with ArtDeTerre’s Fall Leaves scarf

Outfit of the day 03/09/18 with ArtDeTerre’s Fall Leaves scarf

We had a really quiet and peaceful weekend as Elder Son was away! He will be back this evening and I can look forward to lots of cuddles and an explosion of chat as he tells me what he has been doing. Younger Son is moving out in a couple of weeks to start the next phase of his life. I am going to miss him so much, particularly as he will be going quite a long way away to share a house with a friend. We are hoping that this will be a fantastic new beginning for him.

Best wishes,


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