Update 05/10/18 with new purchases

Oh, it is about time that I showed you my latest buys! If you read Tuesday’s post, you may remember that I managed to stagger into my favourite local boutique, Sonrisa, after my haircut. I had seen a pretty brooch on their Facebook wall and asked them to reserve it for me.

Here it is – three butterflies linked together, sparkling in pink, pale green and teal…

Butterfly brooch - Sonrisa

Butterfly brooch – Sonrisa

Yes, it is really sparkly and bright! It works beautifully as a brooch, but it also has a metal loop at the back to turn it into a pendant. I don’t have a suitable chain, but found a gold organza ribbon in my sewing box, passed it through the loop and tied it into a bow. It looks lovely with my bright teal twinset. I took a couple of photos, but am a bit peeved that the true colour of the twinset doesn’t show in the photo, instead it looks blue. Never mind, you can get the general idea. As it is such a showy piece, I would tone down any other accessories and restrict myself to my watch, small plain earrings and perhaps a pink enamel bangle at most.

Butterfly brooch worn in different ways

Butterfly brooch worn in different ways

The brooch would also work as a handbag charm with my amethyst Victoria handbag, what do you think?

Whilst I was in the shop, I also spotted a little owl brooch. We have a thing about owls in this family, so I couldn’t resist this. It is only small, but very bling!

Owl brooch - Sonrisa

Owl brooch – Sonrisa

Another large parcel arrived this morning, but I am going to make you all wait for the reveal. This is a birthday present to myself, so I will leave it until November to show you 😀😍😀😍😀.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,


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