Update 25/10/18

Last night I had another bad asthma attack – that’s the third night in a row! So I have felt pretty poorly today as a result. I had planned to go for my flu vaccination this afternoon, but was far too ill to go. As it happens, Lovely Husband had to go into the surgery in the morning to pick up our huge bag of meds and he was told that the vaccinations had been cancelled due to a shortage. At least I didn’t waste my time in going.

Anyway, I have spent the day in bed again so have no outfit to show you. Yesterday, I wore my lovely peacock feather brooch with my teal twinset. Why does the iPad camera turn teal into blue? Does anyone know?

Here is a photo of the brooch, which I bought on eBay. The setting is a kind of vintage gold tone and the smaller crystals are teal, blue and violet with a large “sapphire” in the centre. Yes, I do love bling!

Peacock feather brooch

Peacock feather brooch

I do hope that I am stronger tomorrow as I want to actually do something! It would be nice to be able to write about going somewhere.

Best wishes,


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