Update 29/11/18 with blogging thoughts

We had really stormy weather this morning and it felt so comforting to snuggle under the duvet, occasionally emerging to sip tea from a pretty mug. I had a fairly nasty coughing attack last night but managed to go downstairs today for an hour or so. We watched the new series – Mrs Wilson – which was really intriguing. I am looking forward to the next episode already. After that, I returned to my bed and have been reading all afternoon.

I have been thinking about this blog’s purpose and future for a couple of weeks. I am sorry if visitors to this blog are finding my posts rather boring nowadays. It was started in January 2016 as a way of practising my writing again and to give me something to help distract my mind from severe depression. I certainly didn’t expect to attract so many visitors and it has been lovely to correspond with some of you via comments. Unfortunately, my health has continued to deteriorate and my world is becoming smaller and smaller. I cannot write about exciting holidays or wonderful days out with spectacular scenery as my days are mainly spent indoors. Politics and feminist issues also interest me, but I want to keep that side of my life away from this blog as I would rather not attract the attention of unpleasant trolls. So, I will continue to blog my days, my thoughts and blingy purchases!

When I do buy another Hermès scarf, I will write a scarf profile post as soon as I can gather enough material – a post about Coup de Fouet is in the pipeline. I also have plans to write something about my two favourite Liberty of London designs: Hera and Ianthe. I am sure that other ideas will come to me from time to time.

Anyway, here is a quick photo of today’s outfit. I decided to try the lovely and very showy butterfly brooch with my aqua cashmere jumper and I think that they worked very nicely together:

Outfit of the day 29/11/18 with Sonrisa butterfly brooch

Outfit of the day 29/11/18 with Sonrisa butterfly brooch

Best wishes,


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