Update 13/12/18

I am far too tired to write a proper post today, but I am feeling really positive. This is because I managed to do a lot of household tasks this afternoon, most of which involved using our new steam mop. I am so glad that we have got it as I can see that it will enable me to do more to help Lovely Husband with the housework. He does so much to keep the family going and I feel very guilty because I am unable to help him very much. With gadgets like the steam mop I can so easily clean the kitchen floor, for example, without getting too breathless.

Tomorrow’s job will be cleaning the lounge so that I can put up the Christmas tree and other decorations. These days, we have to be a lot more minimalist than we used to be, but I think that we definitely need some Christmas cheer!

Best wishes,


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1 Response to Update 13/12/18

  1. jalera1 says:

    Anne, there is something special about simplicity. This year we have decorated a sideboard, covered it with nordic figures (think elves,driftwood, quirky) and lit with several sets of bud lights and focus on different areas at different times. Our Xmas tree is 30 cm tall and the minute decorations fit in a large matchbox. It is different, but then we have 2 adolescent demolition experts aka the kittens. Let us know what you go with. Also, steam mops are magic! xx


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