Outfit of the day 08/01/19

It has been such a beautiful day, cold with clear blue skies. It was also my six-weekly trip to the hairdresser and I was pleased that I felt well and strong enough to go. Afterwards, I walked over to the nearby supermarket for a wander round and also walked from our house to our local post office later in the afternoon to send a parcel. What a contrast to yesterday, which was spent in bed!

Anyway, here is my outfit of the day. I didn’t try to take before and after photos of my hair as it doesn’t seem to photograph very well. The silver strands virtually disappear and this makes my hair look even thinner than it really is. My hairdresser does a nice blow dry that lasts for a few days and that helps me to feel a bit happier about my appearance.

Outfit of the day 08/01/19 with Hermès’ Jaguar Quetzal scarf

Outfit of the day 08/01/19 with Hermès’ Jaguar Quetzal scarf

Today’s outfit:

  • Lilac cashmere v-neck jumper – Marks and Spencer.
  • Grey zipped leggings – Sainsbury’s Tu.
  • Bright purple suede ankle boots – Duo Boots.
  • Violet resin and gold Medusa earrings – The Grand Tour Collection.
  • Purple leather and pale gold wrap bracelet – Ferragamo.
  • Silk scarf, 90cm, in mauve, violet, blue and yellow – Jaguar Quetzal – Hermès. Tied in a necklace knot, using a MaiTai purple lacquer Anneau Infinity scarf ring.

In real life, all of these purple shades blend beautifully, despite their individual colours in the collage above. The boots do stand out a lot, though! I really love this outfit and may even wear it again later this week.

Best wishes,


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