Update 11/02/19: saving up for something special

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend, filled with activities that made you feel happy. Ours was quite difficult again as Elder Son was, and still is, quite unwell. He has cough-related asthma and sometimes the cough becomes very bad. As he is planning an exciting trip to celebrate his birthday later in the week, he has become very anxious and upset, thinking that he may not be well enough to go. Both Lovely Husband and I have been working really hard to keep him calm and try help him to get better. It has been rather exhausting!

On this blog, I write a lot about my purchases of new clothes and accessories. I have a small monthly allowance to spend how I wish and that, when I was still working, went on books, music, entertainment etc., as well as clothes. Now that I have retired and hardly ever go out on my own, I don’t use the money for concerts or drinks out with friends and I tend to borrow books from the Library rather than buy them. So, that means that I have a little more spare cash for my rather expensive scarves and shawls!

As I now have quite a large collection of scarves, ranging from cheap market stall purchases to designer items from Hermès, Ferragamo and Liberty, I have decided to try to save up for something even more special. It will take me a few months and I have to hope that the particular item will still be available when I have the funds. Anyway, that means that I will not have any reveals for quite some time.

I am trying to develop the will power! Not something that I am noted for…

I hope that I can find enough interesting things to write about in the meantime.

Best wishes,


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2 Responses to Update 11/02/19: saving up for something special

  1. Carole says:

    Hi, what is it that you’re saving up for? Can you share?


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