Update 07/03/19 with a dreamy reveal!

A week or so ago, I wrote that I was trying to save up for something rather special. Of course it was another scarf 😀. I now have quite a lot of 90cm Hermès silk twill scarves, well, a lot for someone like me! Back in the Autumn, when I saw an amazing 140cm silk coming up for the Spring/Summer 2019 season, I fell in love immediately and decided to try to avoid spending my “pocket money” too quickly and save up for it.

Well, it didn’t quite work out like that. One reason is that I haven’t seen that scarf on the website since December and I wonder if it will ever appear. Another concern is about managing such a lot of silk when I am only 5ft 4in and rather, er, rotund.

OK, I will also admit that I don’t have any willpower at all when it comes to H!

So I have a reveal for you today. First of all, the very neat packaging…

The famous orange box held safely inside…

The orange box with the bolduc ribbon tied in a bow…

The ribbon has been untied – yes, I am making you wait!

Ooh, the opened box. This doesn’t look like the usual silk scarf!


Flipping over – those blues 💙💙💙

Here are a few close up shots…

Doesn’t it look fab with my bluette pompei midi-Muse handbag by Massaccesi?

And here is a quick modelling shot, with a navy cashmere v-neck jumper and a MaiTai horn shawl ring…

So what is it? Well, it is Sweet Dreams, designed by Jan Bajtlik, from Hermès’ men’s collection for Spring/Summer 2019. The scarf is a wool and silk mix and is 100cm square. Despite the wool, the scarf is very finely woven and light; the colours are glorious: shades of blue with a dark brownish grey. The rolled hem is in a contrasting pale blue. This is my very first foray into the men’s collection and I suspect it won’t be my last. I am planning to write a full Scarf of the Moment profile of this scarf as soon as I can gather enough information.

Here you can see the image from the website so that the whole design becomes clear. Twelve monsters from your worst nightmares – or are they? Perhaps they are more like Maurice Sendak’s Wild Things! (Please bear in mind that the colours are never accurate on the official site. In this case, the blues are much brighter.)

I am planning to wear the scarf again tomorrow as I have another counselling appointment and Lovely Husband and I are taking Younger Son out for lunch before he returns to North Wales.

Best wishes,


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