Outfit of the day 12/03/19 with a small indulgence!

It has been pretty typical weather today, for these islands: wet and windy, followed by sunshine, then wet again. I have managed to get out of bed for a few hours and feel a little more cheerful as a result.

In addition to the two items I revealed last week (the Vindolanda replica duck brooch and the Hermès blue wool and silk scarf), I also had an impulse buy. There has been the most amazing week on The Purse Forum (starting from here) with members showing their wonderful jewellery alongside their H scarves and shawls. One lady, in particular, has the most spectacular collection and I felt somewhat inspired by her style. When I was younger, I was quite well known for my rather flamboyant taste in earrings – big, brash and bling! At work, however, I toned it down a lot and wore neat gold studs with my smart suits. Now that I have retired, I can be myself again and I simply don’t care about being appropriate for my age!

So, here are the earrings that I bought from AngelineDresserSilks via Etsy. There are loads of gorgeous Ancient Egyptian revival Art Deco styles in this shop and I am sure that I will eventually add more to my collection. Now I just need to find a suitable scarf to go with them…

Egyptian revival Art Deco earrings - AngelineDresserSilks

Egyptian revival Art Deco earrings – AngelineDresserSilks

The website description is as follows, and is very accurate:

Vivid, Egyptian Revival earrings with vintage style handpainted Art Deco pendants suspended from vintage enamel beads. These are very light and comfortable to wear.

They have a total length of 68mm (just under 2.75″) from the top of the hook.

I wasn’t really in the mood to wear my better items today as it has been so cold, but I think this outfit was OK…

Outfit of the day 12/03/19 with Egyptian revival Art Deco earrings

Outfit of the day 12/03/19 with Egyptian revival Art Deco earrings

Today’s outfit:

  • Teal cotton roll-neck base layer – Cotton Traders. Again, the camera has made this look blue!
  • Grey marl acrylic cable jumper – Klass.
  • Grey cotton stretch cord trousers – Lands’ End.
  • Turquoise and gold Egyptian revival Art Deco earrings – AngelineDresserSilks via Etsy.

Any ideas for a suitable Hermès or other designer scarf? I know of a few by Hermès, but haven’t found one at the right price or in a good colourway yet.

Best wishes,


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