Update 08/04/19 with good news for handbag fans!

Quite a few months ago, I announced on here the sad news that my favourite handbag company, Massaccesi, was being forced to close. They managed to hang on for a while, running down the stock, but appeared to be nearing the end. Well, I am happy to say that the following post appeared on my Facebook wall on Saturday:

Massaccesi news 06/04/19

Massaccesi news 06/04/19

I cannot afford a new bag at the moment, and probably cannot justify one anyway, but I am sure that other fans of Marco Massaccesi and his staff will be very pleased indeed. As  reminder, here are my own previous purchases (not to scale):

Handbags by Marco Massaccesi

Handbags by Marco Massaccesi

Best wishes,


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