Update 09/04/19

Well, I have had yet another pyjama day! Last night was not good as I alternated between coughing and acid reflux. Poor Lovely Husband didn’t sleep well either because he was kind enough to stroke my back to try give me some comfort. I went downstairs at about 11.30 and we watched the latest episode of the amazing Line of Duty and a new programme, The Visitor, which looked interesting. This is being shown all week and the plot is already thickening nicely!

I did manage to have a long bath this afternoon (which is exhausting in itself, but the pleasure kind of outweighs the fatigue). It is difficult to climb in and out these days as I have become so weak. Well, it was worth it in the end.

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading random things on the internet as I didn’t have enough concentration to begin my new book (another huge blockbuster, which I will tell you about tomorrow). I must admit that I am addicted to Mumsnet, particularly the Feminism and Women’s Rights section, having been a member for quite a lot of years. There are so many highly articulate and intelligent contributors and I enjoy being educated!

Reading Roundup post tomorrow…

Best wishes,


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