Update 02/05/19 with an impulse buy!

OK, this goes totally against my wardrobe planning, but I have been feeling very low with my health deteriorating so badly. I am now almost totally bedridden and am definitely  getting worse each day. So, thinking that I am not really going to wear my “outdoor” clothing as often, I have been musing on loungewear. I have loads of pyjamas in various conditions, and if that is all that Lovely Husband is going to see me wearing, well, he isn’t going to get a very attractive version of me! Some comfortable, but stylish, pieces with nice designs and in lovely colours are what I am aiming for.

Right, so there are the excuses for breaking my rather flexible “rules” – 😁😀😁

I really love the designs created by One Hundred Stars (link also in the sidebar) and already own a gorgeous kimono jacket in blue and white that I wore last Summer. Having ambled around their website, I fell in love with the pattern below. Then I looked at the different colourways. Well, I already have a lot of navy… aqua too… not too sure about the green… but the pink!

Kimono by One Hundred Stars

What do you think of this kimono? I think it will be lovely around the house and garden. By the way, the colours in real life are a little deeper than in the photos: the cream is more of a golden beige.

Here are some more photos from the website…

Do have an exploration as there are loads of gorgeous designs in several types of kimono, scarves and pyjamas and the prices are pretty reasonable. I will try to do some modelling photos when I look a bit more presentable.

Best wishes,


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1 Response to Update 02/05/19 with an impulse buy!

  1. Fiona says:

    Go for it! It will make you feel fabulous😁


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