Update 20/05/19 with some new shoes!

The weekend was quite good as, despite me staying in bed rather a lot, I did manage to get some useful things done and had nice chats with both Lovely Husband and Elder Son. I read loads, watched some good TV and continued trying to sort out my new laptop (more about that debacle in another post).

I was looking through my rather large shoe collection the other day (accumulated over many years) and realised that most of my warm weather footwear is either quite old and worn, or heeled rather than flat. With my various health issues and weight gain, my ankles and feet are quite swollen and I cannot walk well in heels these days. My sandals can do another year at least – I have three good pairs in navy, tan and metallic. I did notice a gap in terms of summer trainers or other flat shoes. As I also have wide feet, I have some difficulties in finding nice footwear, although I have found some good sources. Hotter have a reputation for being “old lady shoes”, but I think that they have found some better designers in recent years. Their shoes are also very comfortable indeed!

As Hotter had a good offer in place when I visited their website (link in the sidebar), I ordered these two pairs. They arrived on Friday and are perfect for my needs…

“Daisy” and “Brooke” by Hotter

The trainer style is advertised as “polar white”, which I thought would be a bright white. It is, however, a kind of very pale greyish mauve and a really nice colour to fit with my clothes and accessories. The pull on style is in a soft navy nubuck and these will work very well with jeans or my linen trousers. In fact, I am very pleased with both pairs and have started wearing them in the house before I go out next time.

Well, that’s all for today!

Best wishes,


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