Update 23/05/19 with an unexpected reveal!

I am very unwell today but have been lifted a little by an arrival in the post! This is a “grail” that I have been hoping would come along for quite a long time. As it was an eBay purchase, there is no interesting parcel or iconic box to show you, so I will go straight into the first picture…

The folded scarf…

More folds…

And still more…

Here it is arranged on the bed. Lovely design and colours – lilac, purple, mauve, blue, green, white and black…

Here is the image from eBay of the whole design (the colours in my photos above are more accurate)…

Hermès fans will recognise this as Musique des Dieux, designed in 1996 by Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr. As I am ill today, I don’t have enough strength to take modelling photos to show you or write any more detail, but I am planning a proper Scarf of the Moment post. I will explain why this is a “grail” scarf for me in that post.

Best wishes,


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