Update 15/10/19 with a sad disappointment!

Since my mid-twenties, I have loved a particular pattern from Liberty of London. In fact “loved” is not quite the right word. “Adored” is much closer to the truth! My sister introduced me to Liberty when we both bought skirt lengths with scarves in Liberty Varuna wool back in the 1980s. On that occasion the pattern was the beautiful Hera with peacock feathers. In fact I still have the scarf and have photographed it for this blog, and I now have newer silk scarves, shawls and jewellery in the Hera pattern.

Outfit of the day with Liberty’s Hera shawl

Outfit of the day with Liberty’s Hera shawl

But my first Liberty love is the Ianthe design. I am fortunate to have a scarf, a shawl and also jewellery in Ianthe and have continued to watch the Liberty website in case further items should be available.

Ianthe silk scarf by Liberty of London

Ianthe silk scarf by Liberty of London

Liberty of London - Ianthe varuna wool shawl

Liberty of London – Ianthe varuna wool shawl

When I had the stroke I promised myself a treat – well, why not? Lovely Husband is trying to convince me that I have enough (enough!!!) scarves, so I decided to look on Liberty’s website and see what they had to offer.

And I found…

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Sooooooo lovely, I thought. Well, the parcel arrived (I had bought the pyjamas in two sizes just in case), and…

Pyjamas in Ianthe by Liberty of London

I didn’t like them on me!

Somehow, although the fine cotton fabric was lovely, the scaled up pattern didn’t work on short, dumpy me. I was really upset as I had hoped that the pyjamas would be gorgeous. So they are going back!

(I might have bought myself a small consolation item…) I will show it to you as soon as it arrives 😀.

Younger Son is visiting us this week, so I may not be able to post again for a while. We shall see. I really must thank you for visiting my blog and give additional huge thanks to those who have commented!

Love and best wishes,



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