Update 02/12/19

I hope that all my visitors and friends had really good weekends. Everything seems to be speeding up towards Christmas now, so I expect loads of you are very busy. In our household, we are planning a very quiet (and peaceful, I hope!) holiday period. Both of our sons work in retail, so they won’t get many days off. We will try to make the best of things.

Elder Son’s issues have not been sorted yet and, although he is coping reasonably well, we feel on a knife edge waiting for some kind of resolution. I really hope that we have an answer this week!

I did try to get up today for a while and I put on a lovely mauve cashmere v-neck from Marks and Spencer, with navy cords from Lands’ End. The earrings are old ones that I made nearly forty years ago but the small scarf is an Hermès’ gavroche called Baobab Cat – an interesting juxtaposition! Sorry about the hair – I don’t have the energy to get it properly cut and styled.

Outfit of the day 02/12/19 with Hermès’ Baobab Cat gavroche

All of the stress is making me very tired. I have managed to sort out some Christmas things – thank goodness for online shopping!

Love and best wishes to you all,



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