Update 24/02/20

I had planned to post my Outfit of the Day today, but I don’t think that visitors to this blog would be very interested in my old pyjamas! My health has been relatively OK for a few days, and we are both enjoying the peace and quiet of being on our own for a week. I managed to go downstairs for a while today and we watched TV together with our lunches – the last episode this series of Endeavour. Then I came back up to change our bed – it takes me a long time as I have to break off twice for a rest, but I am determined to do it on my own. After that I had the difficult task of taking a bath. Once I get in it is lovely, but getting in and out is very hard and tiring!

Oh, the things that I used to take for granted!

Over the weekend, I finally managed to answer a lot of the lovely comments I have had on the blog since about December. Visitors have been so supportive and I really do appreciate the kind things that you have said. I apologise for taking so long to answer and will try to respond more quickly in future.

We are planning to go out for lunch once or twice this week, if we both feel able (please keep your fingers crossed 🤞). There are a couple of places that we used to visit regularly, before I became so ill, so it would be lovely to go again. We will try to pick days with better weather as it is so windy and gloomy today. Anyway, I will write this up on the blog on Friday if we are successful.

Love and best wishes,



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