Reading roundup 26/02/20

I nearly didn’t get to write this post as I have been wrestling (metaphorically, of course!) with our WiFi and broadband all day. We eventually realised that we must have had a power cut in the night, which messed it all up. Anyway, it seems to be OK now – 🤞

The Girl in the Woods by Patricia MacDonald

This week I have read one book again – Patricia MacDonald’s The Girl in the Woods. Here is the blurb:

“I have to tell you something. I did something bad.”

Fifteen years ago, Blair’s best friend Molly was murdered.
Fifteen years ago, Adrian Jones went to prison for it.
Fifteen years ago, the real killer got away with it.

And now, Blair’s terminally ill sister has made a devastating deathbed confession, which could prove that the wrong man has been imprisoned for years – and that Molly’s killer is still out there. Blair’s determined to find him, but the story behind Molly’s death is more twisted than she could imagine. If she isn’t careful, the killer will ensnare her and bury Blair with his secret.

I enjoyed the book and read it quite quickly. This is my short review on Goodreads:

The Girl in the WoodsThe Girl in the Woods by Patricia MacDonald
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It has been interesting to read some of the other reviews first before writing my own. What a mixed bunch!

In my case, I found the book an easy and enjoyable read in terms of the writing style. Obviously the subject matter was neither of these things as it was about the murder of a child. In my present state (trying to read again after a stroke), I found the book gripping and it held my interest right until the end. There were some issues, such as the constant repetition of certain character flaws and some disjointed parts. Generally, however, the plot was interesting enough to keep me involved.

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I am sorry that my reviews have become so short! Writing them has never been one of my greatest skills and I am finding it even more difficult these days as I forget what I have read so quickly. At least there are other good book websites and blog available!

I am not sure what I am going to read next – if I finish a book before Wednesday, then I will write about it on the blog.

Until then – Happy Reading to you all!

Love and best wishes,



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