Update 09/03/20

I am sorry, but I just cannot write a full post today. We are really struggling in our household with a number of issues and my body has reacted very badly. To put it truthfully and bluntly: I am a nervous wreck! I can’t sleep properly, I can’t stop shaking, my stomach feels as if it is full of butterflies and I can’t stop coughing. We are all in turmoil.

So, instead I will post a link to this lovely set of images. Thinking about it, I would love to have this done with a picture of my younger self as a Librarian (just not wielding a date stamp!).

Elderly People Look At Their Younger Reflections In This Beautiful Photo Series By Tom Hussey

Aren’t these photos lovely?

Let’s hope everything improves during the week. I will now try to concentrate on a book to take my mind away from worries. Reading Roundup on Wednesday as usual…

Love and best wishes,



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