Update 13/04/20

I must apologise to regular visitors. My posts are becoming shorter and as for the content…! Today’s is not very exciting as I am continuing to struggle with the current situation and my existing health issues. I had intended to write a post about my new Liberty of London Ianthe Star scarf today, but will try to do that during the week.

Over the weekend, I wore a nice outfit which combined newish grey items with my lovely mousseline “Feather” scarf by Leonard, in turquoise/tan/white/grey/black, which I have shown you many times before…

Outfit of the day with Feather mousseline scarf – Leonard

I think that grey has been a good choice for me and it is useful as a basic colour in my wardrobe. Far better than shades of brown which were fine with my former hair colour, but simply don’t work now that I have grown out my greys. I am sorry for the lack of a collage on this post.

Now, I will return to my book so that I have something to write about for Wednesday’s Reading Roundup!

Love and best wishes to you all,



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