Outfit of the day 04/05/20

I do hope that you had a good weekend and that the coming weeks are positive. Unfortunately, these posts are becoming rather unreliable. I had planned to write three each week – on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – but I quite often feel so overwhelmed that I cannot think what to write. I don’t want to turn the blog into a moan-fest or continually post pictures of me in pyjamas or what I call “slob gear”, as I am struggling to get out of bed and actually wear decent clothes. Anyway, I expect that I am not alone in this. Probably most people are finding the current situation difficult to handle.

So, that was a rather roundabout way of explaining why my posting is erratic these days. Of course, it doesn’t actually matter! This is only a personal blog and not anything important. But I like to be consistent. So, here is my Outfit of the Day, wearing my new Liberty of London scarf. I will also add this collage to last Monday’s post, which went into more detail about the iconic Ianthe design.

Outfit of the day 04/05/20 with Liberty’s Ianthe Star scarf

Today’s outfit:

  • Radiant navy cotton cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Tadiant navy cotton short sleeved jumper – Lands’ End.
  • Navy cotton mix joggers – Cotton Traders.
  • Blue resin and silver earrings.
  • Blue, black and white enamel and rose gold bangle – Ianthe – Liberty of London.
  • Navy, blue, lilac, pink, peach and yellow silk scarf – Ianthe Star – Liberty of London. Tied in a necklace knot.

Yes, my hair is getting really long! But not as long as Lovely Husband’s, who is having some kind of throw-back to his youth. Not that he had long hair then either! It is now past his waist!!!

I hope to be able to post a proper Reading Roundup on Wednesday. So, until then…

Love and best wishes,



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