Outfit of the day 29/05/20

I am rather pleased with myself today because I have managed two walks around the block this week! It feels like an achievement even though it only takes me ten minutes each time. But that is ten minutes of fast walking in the sunshine, admiring all of the lovely gardens on my route and listening to the birdsong.

Otherwise, I am spending most of my time on my iPad. I was trying to imagine, the other day, what this lockdown would have been like before the days of all this technology. Say, when I was a child in the 1960s? I would have read loads of books, then re-read them over and over. Perhaps I could also have played the piano quite a lot before driving my parents mad! Mum would have insisted that we help clean the house, Dad would have roped us into gardening and washing the car. My siblings and I would have played in our garden for hours – we had lots of imagination.

But if I had been the grown-up version of me it would have been very hard. Without modern technology I would be really stuck: no ebooks, no news websites, no streaming TV, no emails or chat apps.

So, there are reasons to be thankful after all!

On my walk, I wore another of my Lands’ End sleeveless cotton tops, plus Isle linen-mix trousers, with this cute necklace from Bill Skinner and lovely silver earrings by RR Designs on Etsy…

Outfit of the day 29/05/20

I do hope that you have a great weekend!

Love and best wishes,



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