Update 05/06/20 with a special treat!

You didn’t think that I would manage to avoid spending money during lockdown, did you? I need the occasional treat to keep me going, even if I choose something rather impractical! You will see what I mean in a minute…

We have a local boutique in the village, that I follow on Facebook. The owner posts photos of some lovely clothes and I fell for a rose-coloured denim jacket by Joules. I thought that it would fit nicely into my wardrobe and could be worn with navy, mid-blue, denim and white. When it was offered in the sale, I was really disappointed to discover that my size had sold out. I wanted to buy from the local shop, but it was not to be. Then I saw that the jacket was on sale at John Lewis in my size…

So, here it is: Imogen denim jacket by Joules, in rose (it is also still available in several sizes and in blue):

Denim jacket in rose by Joules

It looks really lovely on. Unfortunately, my varied medications have given me a really odd shape. I have lost my waist and have developed a horrible “tum”, which upsets me. But we have to dress the figure we actually have, not the one that we used to have or wished we could have again! Traditional denim jackets (I used to have a lovely one by Levi’s when I was young) are totally the wrong shape for the “new” me.

These are some of the clothes and accessories that I might wear with the jacket. First, a warm weather collage with a sleeveless vest and a linen skirt:

Joules denim jacket with warm weather clothing

Next, a collection for cooler weather, with cashmere, denim and boots:

See, it fits in very well!

Now, I had better hold back before doing any more shopping because I am not actually leaving the house! But wouldn’t some rose pink earrings look nice, or maybe some in mid-blue…

Have a lovely weekend!

Love and best wishes,



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