Update 03/07/20 – new season Plumes en Fête shawl colours!

This is a quick post to inform scarfies that I have added the Hermès Autumn/Winter 2020 season cashmere/silk 140cm shawls’ colourways and purchasing codes to the Scarf of the Moment post for Plumes en Fête. They will be available to purchase soon (I hope).

If you are interested in the scarves and shawls for Hermès’ new season, have a look at the Purse Forum thread: Autumn/Winter 2020 scarves. Loads of the colourways have been added and more are arriving on there every day.

OK, I will give you a quick taster. To see the whole offer, click on the link in the first paragraph!

Love and best wishes,



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2 Responses to Update 03/07/20 – new season Plumes en Fête shawl colours!

  1. Carole says:

    They’re absolutely gorgeous . Thanks for posting. Which CW is your favorite? Do you think you’ll get one? In the U.S. we have to make an appointment to go to the Hermes stores, so hopefully by Sunday I can see these in person. Stay well.


    • The Librain says:

      DH has said that I can get one, but I don’t think that he realises how much they are! He would probably faint. Also, I’m not sure of the colourway. I would like one to wear with my new bag and my grey coat, but I feel uncertain. I definitively need to see all of the possible cws on tPF first. I hope you can get to see them, although I don’t think many are in store yet. Best wishes x


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