Update 17/07/20

Well, I am feeling quite pleased with myself! As regular readers of the blog will know, I have not been out of the house for weeks and have stayed in bed most days. Lovely Husband, formerly a PE teacher, and Elder Son have been trying to persuade me to exercise, but I have been too afraid to even begin. Bed has felt like the only safe place.

ES has had leave from work this week and I finally found the motivation, on Wednesday, to go for a short walk with him there for support and encouragement. It was quite a shock to realise how quickly my legs began to shake and I only reached as far as the local Post Office. But it was a start. He has promised to help me on his days off and I am going to try harder to build up some consistency.

Yesterday, LH persuaded me to go with him on a tour of the local area in the car. We are starting to tentatively plan a house renovation so that we can then move into a more suitable home. So, we had a look around to see the kind of houses/bungalows that are within our price range and are near enough to our local town to suit ES. As a minimum, we need to have three bedrooms. One of them has to be on the ground floor with a toilet nearby. It is quite scary, but also rather exciting as we have lived in this house for almost twenty years, so it will be quite a wrench to leave. We also hadn’t envisaged staying in this area, but ES is so settled here that it would be cruel to move him away.

Anyway, as I said, these are only very early and very tentative plans and we cannot do anything quickly. With all my various health issues, I react very badly to stress, even with heavy medication, and we all know how stressful house moving is! At least it is giving us something different to think about.

Happy Weekend to you all!

Love and best wishes,



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