Update 28/09/20 with some new scarf rings

I am really looking forward to “playing” with my scarves now that the weather is cooler. So, to that end, I pounced on an offer from MaiTai Collection and ordered two new scarf rings.

First of all, here is the lovely packaging for the rings:

Beautiful packaging by MaiTai Collection

Here you can see the ones that I bought – the large size reversible ring in navy and teal with a gold trim and a gold Anneau Infinity. These will both work really well with many of my scarves.

Scarf rings by MaiTai Collection

I am feeling too tired to try them out today, but I hope to practise with them later in the week and show you the results on Friday. By the way, MaiTai Collection sells a range of beautiful items as well as scarf rings: jewellery, handbag liners, lavender sachets, travel pouches etc. The site is well-worth a visit as MaiTai also has clear videos on scarf tying too.

Love and best wishes,



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