Outfits of the week 22/01/21

Earlier in the week, I spent some time going through my Hermès scarf collection, looking at the ones I haven’t worn for a while and making a pile of those most suitable for winter wear. I intend to work my way through them all and wear them in turn over the next few weeks with nice outfits and jewellery. After all, I bought them to wear not just to look at!

So, my first outfit of the week was this one that I wore on Tuesday with Hermès’ 90cm silk twill, Cosmographia Universalis…

Outfit of the day 19/01/21 with Hermès’ Cosmographia Universalis

My second outfit of the week was based on the Hermès’ men’s cosy wool mix 100cm scarf, Sweet Dreams…

Outfit of the day 20/01/21 with Hermès’ Sweet Dreams

I wore my new loungewear from Marks and Spencer with the first outfit and kept my new pyjama trousers from Lands’ End on with the second. Appropriate knots were tied with each scarf and I found some lovely jewellery too.

As I intend to re-organise my records for the collection, I am spending quite a lot of time moving the 1000s of photos into folders for each scarf. I will then put some of these, plus the purchasing paperwork, into a file to be kept safe in case of disaster!

I think this might take me ages to do, but then I have a lot of free time these days!

Wishing you all a very Happy Weekend…

Love and best wishes,



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