Update 01/03/21 with news from MaiTai

I must admit that I am rather stuck today as I cannot think of anything to write about in this post. My life is so monotonous that I am finding it difficult to come up with anything interesting. I had another huge coughing attack in the middle of the night, so I am spending the day in bed again, trying to keep myself amused by reading random stuff on my iPad, in between watching TV series on Amazon Prime. Most days are like this at the moment and it is becoming difficult to distinguish one day from another!

So, what can I write about today?

Scarf rings by MaiTai Collection

Well, one thing I can tell you is that MaiTai is having a Spring Sale of her lovely Classique scarf rings. These are so useful as well as beautiful and I would rush to get another one or two if I hadn’t just ordered a number of expensive items from a different source! I love her enamelled reversible rings (I already have one, see image above) and would love one of the zero-gravity rings to add to my collection, but I will have to pass on this opportunity.

If I can manage to get dressed on some days this week, I am planning to wear some of my scarves with my MaiTai reversible scarf ring to show you how useful and versatile they are.

Love and best wishes,



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