Outfits of the week 05/03/21

I tried two small experiments this week: I wore two scarves by the same artist and used the clever reversible scarf ring by MaiTai with each of them in different ties. The two scarves were Les Secrets de Minos and Persepolis, the artist Sophie Koechlin, and the ties were the criss-cross knot and the asymmetric wrap.

Here are the two scarves:

Les Secrets de Minos by Sophie Koechlin for Hermès

Persepolis by Sophie Koechlin for Hermès

And the largest of these navy/duck egg rings is the one I have:

Scarf rings by MaiTai Collection

So, the first outfit was this, worn on 02/03/21:

Outfit of the day 02/03/21 with Hermès’ Les Secrets de Minos scarf

The scarf ring was used navy side up with a criss-cross knot. When I made the collages, I realised that I didn’t have photos of either of the exact jumpers or the earrings!

Today’s outfit was this one:

Outfit of the day 05/03/21 with Hermès’ Persepolis scarf

This time I used the duck egg side of the scarf ring to tone with the outfit. My turquoise cashmere v-neck never seems to photograph accurately and always appears to be more on the blue side!

I won’t list all of the items as I am sure that visitors don’t really need this information, although don’t hesitate to ask in the comments if you do want any details.

OK, I think that is all for this week. Over the weekend, I am going to look through my Hermès scarves and choose some more for next week that I haven’t worn for a while. I realise that I am so lucky to be able to afford such luxurious beauties and I must make the most of wearing them, even if I am ill.

Are there any requests?

Love and best wishes,



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