Update 22/03/21 – I’m back again!

Well, after more than a week, here I am! I have had a nasty bug on top of my usual long list of conditions and it has really wiped me out.

I couldn’t even read!!!

Anyway, I won’t go into any detail. Let me just say that I was incapable of writing anything and all my plans for this blog had to be postponed. Also, whilst I was away, it seems that the WordPress software has had one of those “upgrades” that has, instead, just messed up the things I found so easy to use. So, before I can write more complex posts, I will have to relearn everything!

Elder Son was disappointed that my extra illness rather messed up his plans for Mother’s Day. In addition to his lovely presents (a gorgeous necklace and earrings), he had bought all of the ingredients to make an amazing afternoon tea. I was simply far too poorly to eat anything! Younger Son also sent me a lovely necklace – it matches the feather earrings that he gave me last year.

Anyway, as I am feeling a little stronger now, although still not able to get out of bed, I am planning the usual Reading Roundup post on Wednesday and something a little different for Friday (not the Outfits of the Week as I am unable to get dressed properly!).

Love and best wishes,



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