Update 19/04/21: Immunised!

I must admit that I feel so relieved that Lovely Husband and I have had both jabs. Unlike last time, I won’t go into great detail about the event on Saturday, but will just say a couple of things.

The first time, we arrived at the hospital, walked a long way down various corridors and then poor LH had to queue for nearly two hours before we could enter the room for our immunisations. This time, we had the long walk but were able to go straight into the room. It was all over so quickly!

Like last time, we have both had a very stiff and painful arm around the injection site but, two days later, the discomfort is fading. I also had several migraine attacks with full auras, yesterday, and then a horrible coughing fit in the night. These might have been caused by stress. Today, I feel a lot better and have been able to get out of bed for a few hours.

So, I am not sure how long it is before we get full immunity and, of course, there are rumblings about COVID variations. Generally, however, I must admit that I am in awe of the amazing work by the scientific and health care community who have not only discovered, developed, manufactured, distributed and administered the vaccines, but who have done this with incredible speed and efficiency. Thank you to everyone involved!

Love and best wishes,



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