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Update 19/04/21: Immunised!

I must admit that I feel so relieved that Lovely Husband and I have had both jabs. Unlike last time, I won’t go into great detail about the event on Saturday, but will just say a couple of things. The … Continue reading

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Update 16/04/21: second dose tomorrow!

I just cannot write today’s planned post. After a misunderstanding, caused by my memory issues, Lovely Husband came to the rescue and, to get to the point, we both have our second vaccinations tomorrow! Whoop! I am feeling very giddy … Continue reading

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Update 01/02/21 – vaccination day

First of all, I hope that you had as nice a weekend as possible in these difficult and stressful times. My weekend was rather unusual – a break from staying in bed all day! If you visited this blog on … Continue reading

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Update 27/01/21

Sorry that the usual Reading Roundup post has been postponed until next week, but I am too keyed up to write properly because… I have been offered my COVID-19 vaccination on Saturday! Whoop! I hope it isn’t too long until … Continue reading

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Outfit of the week 15/01/21

Oh dear! I have to confess that I have worn only one “proper” outfit this week and even that was based around loungewear/pyjamas. Yes, I have draped a scarf or a shawl over my shoulders on occasion, but I have … Continue reading

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