Update 10/05/21: a handbag with scarves!

I do hope that you had a great weekend. Mine was OK, although I spent most of it in bed watching the final episodes of Scandal and the first of series 16 of Grey’s Anatomy, thanks to my iPad and a subscription to Amazon Prime.

I also managed to take some photos of my latest purchase from Marco Massaccesi with a few suitable Hermès scarves. First of all I will show you a collage:

Clockwise from the large image: Massaccesi Midi-Selene in Deep Purple Africa leather, Jaguar Quetzal, Dans un Jardin Anglais, Baobab Cat, La Promenade du Platon, L’Arbre du Vent.

As the images are quite small, I have added them to a slideshow so that you can see them better:

I am so happy that this handbag fits into my wardrobe so well! Perhaps another purple Autumn/Winter scarf would be nice?

Oops! There I go again!

Love and best wishes to you all,



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4 Responses to Update 10/05/21: a handbag with scarves!

  1. cynthia says:

    ALL of the scarves are beautiful with your new handbag! IF I had to choose, Le Promenade du Platon and L’Arbre du Vent are my favorite pairing. Yes, you may need a new FW scarf to go with that gorgeous new bag of yours. 😉 ❤

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  2. Catherine says:

    Lovely! Would your Plumes en Fete shawl also be a good choice? It’s gorgeous handbag and really enhances all the scarves you’ve paired it with!

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