Reading roundup 12/05/21

I have finished one book in time to write about it today and I was rushing to finish another one. But then I slowed down and thought for a while.

Why do I read?

To be able to count how many books I finish in a year, or to really savour and enjoy a fantastic plot and interesting characters?

To gallop through a book as quickly as possible or to wander through a magical experience that draws me in, away from my fears and worries?

My current book is definitely drawing me in and helping me to forget my situation – so why spoil that experience?

The decision is made and I am going to write about one book this week and leave the other for next week, or even the week after if it takes me that long to finish!

Turncoat by Anthony J Quinn

So, my book this week was Turncoat by Anthony J Quinn. Here is the blurb:

The sole survivor of a murderous ambush, a Belfast police detective is forced into a desperate search for a mysterious informer that takes him to a holy island on Lough Derg, a place shrouded in strange mists and hazy rain, where nothing is as it first appears to be.

A keeper of secrets and a purveyor of lies, the detective finds himself surrounded by enemies disguised as pilgrims, and is drawn deeper into the mysteries of the purgatorial island, where he is forced to confront a series of disturbing secrets and ghosts in his own life.

Haunting and unsettling, Turncoat is a story of guilt, survival, and the terrible price of self-knowledge, told through the voice of a detective with a double life. Descending into paranoia and self-doubt, he uncovers a sinister panorama of cover-ups and conspiracies. The closer he edges to the truth, the deeper he is drawn into the currents of power, violence and guilt engulfing his country . . .

I wrote this short review on the Goodreads website:

TurncoatTurncoat by Anthony Quinn
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Yet again, I seem to be almost alone in my reaction to this book. Most of the reviewers on here seem to love it and have gained a great deal from reading it. Well, not me!

I found the book tedious. After the first half, I kept waiting for something momentous to happen, so I kept on reading. At the two-thirds mark, it was the same. I felt as if I was also walking around and around the same features, just as the main character was. Towards the end, a few things did happen, so at least I can add a star for that. Perhaps, as a non-religious English woman, I am missing some deeper meaning?

That must be it.

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As you can see, I awarded the book only two stars. Perhaps you can now see my reasons for savouring my current book! It is John Gwynne’s latest: The Shadow of the Gods, #01 in his The Bloodsworn Saga – excellent so far and really doing the trick of distraction from my worries and cares.

The Shadow of the Gods by John Gwynne

I do hope that you have a great week of reading!

Love and best wishes,



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