Reading roundup 30/06/21

Oh, I have managed to get into a right mess with my reading this week! I started two books and read quite a chunk of each one, then got really muddled and bored and gave up on them. Of course, this could have been my fault. After all, the stroke means that I have real struggles with reading and concentration. On the other hand, they might have been poor choices. In addition, the Library Service’s reading app was being rather buggy in that when I returned to a book after a break, the app was not restarting at the correct place, but going back to the beginning each time.

You can imagine how difficult this was for someone with memory issues!

The Other People by C J Tudor

I haven’t reviewed or rated this book because I don’t think it would be fair to do so as the app issues muddled my mind. I think that the book itself might be better than my experience and I may try again at a later date.

Long Road to Mercy by David Baldacci

I put down the second book, Long Road to Mercy by David Baldacci, for a different reason. At the beginning I was still having issues with the app, but that was soon sorted out and I was really becoming engrossed by the story. Then… well, you can read my Goodreads review to find out what I thought:

Long Road to Mercy (Atlee Pine #1)Long Road to Mercy by David Baldacci
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Well, I managed to get about two thirds of the way through this book before giving up. It began quite well with a missing person mystery, set in the Grand Canyon, and then descended into a total mess. There were also long asides where the author expounded on various matters, which should have been edited out of the book.

So, as I don’t have a very long reading life left, I decided to cut my losses and find something better. I am sure that won’t be too difficult!

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The annoying thing is that, at the beginning when I was enjoying the book, I was so pleased when I saw that there were other books from the series on our ebook catalogue! I put them in my account to read later. Then, I realised that the book was not to my taste and so I deleted them from my list. Now, I will have to find some new ebooks to replace them!

Well, I am now in the middle of yet another ebook. I am not going to name it in this post just in case it is another dud.

I really hope not!

Anyway, Happy Reading to you all and I hope that you have better luck with your choices.

Love and best wishes,



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