Update 28/06/21: with more “fun and games”!

Oh, it’s all such fun living in our house! Loads of things are broken and in need of repair because of regular Autistic meltdowns by our Elder Son. The latest problem is that the sliding doors on his wardrobe are not working and he can’t get to his clothes! He banged them so hard several times in a rage and now they are falling off the runners and are jammed together. So, we have to try to find someone to mend the wardrobe. It seems to be so difficult to find tradespeople who are willing and able to do relatively small repair jobs. Just about impossible, in fact.

Lovely Husband and I are beyond exhausted by all of this, but what can we do? Our son is so vulnerable in many ways and needs the safety and (relative) stability of his home as well as our advocacy. I cannot bear the thought of sending him to live somewhere else. He would be back here, crying piteously at the door until we let him in. It’s all just heartbreaking.

We just don’t know what to do.

Anyway, I am now trying to distract myself from these worries by looking at beautiful things. I saw this website the other day:

My Modern Met: Travel Photographer Captures Gorgeous Flowing Gowns Against Breathtaking Landscapes

Cathedral Mosque in St. Petersburg, Russia. Model: Aygul.

Isn’t this photo stunning? The others are as well, so do explore the link, if you are interested.

Love and best wishes,



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4 Responses to Update 28/06/21: with more “fun and games”!

  1. elizabethannh says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this link. The photos are stunning.
    I am sorry that your life is so chaotic right now. It cannot help your illness. And home is most likely the best environment for your son.
    Wondering if the wardrobe doors could be removed with a screwdriver and left off?
    Around here it is also very difficult to find reliable repair people for small jobs. (Or large jobs, for that matter).
    Wishing you some calm and relief.

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    • The Librain says:

      Dear elizabethannh, thank you for your kind message. We finally managed to get the wardrobe doors mended by contacting a chap who did some decorating a decade ago!


  2. Carole says:

    It’s becoming more difficult to find people willing to do small repairs. Do you have an Age UK Handyperson service in your area?

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