Update 26/06/21 with some new arrivals

Well, that was a hot and sticky week! With my large collection of health issues, steamy weather conditions are really difficult. I really struggled to breathe properly and had to fight to stay comfortable. Thankfully, everything has now cooled down and I feel a lot better.

During the week, two parcels from “Toast” were delivered, containing some really gorgeous nightwear. You have already seen the first one, the nightdress, in cobalt cotton with a pattern in a golden beige. The other parcel held a pair of pyjamas in the same colours. I had a bit of a hassle with the delivery of these items as it took almost two months from the date of ordering, but I have decided to keep them both as I really love them!

Here they are:

You may remember that I originally ordered the large size of the nightdress, but decided to swap it for the smaller medium so that I can wear it as a dress. The medium is perfect for me and will look lovely. My current shape is pretty awful these days, but this “dress” makes me feel good!

The pyjamas are in the large size, but, as I do intend to use them as lounge-wear and in bed, they will do nicely. Both items were very pricey indeed and I usually don’t spend a lot of money on clothes (accessories are a different matter!!). In this case, however, Lovely Husband insisted on buying them for me as a special treat!

Anyway, the Toast website is worth exploring if you can afford a splurge.

Love and best wishes,



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