Update 27/08/21

Oh, apologies again for the lack of an “Outfits” post. At the moment, I am really struggling to raise enough energy to get out of bed, never mind actually getting dressed in any kind of outfit. I know I have written something like this over and over again, so apologies for that too, but this time of isolation is really grinding me down.

Right, I must shake off these grim feelings (I am in the middle of watching the latest series of The Handmaid’s Tale, so that doesn’t help!). We do actually have some nicer news: after over ten years with the same car, we have just bought a new (to us) one. Lovely Husband has just driven it home and so I sat in the passenger seat whilst he showed me all of its gadgets. And has it got gadgets!!!

Since I had the stroke, almost two years ago now, I have not been allowed to drive. To be honest, despite regaining much of what was lost, I really don’t feel capable of driving. My vision still has a few blind spots and my memory issues are such that I wouldn’t trust myself to remember what to do in a sudden situation. It’s sad because I enjoyed driving and I passed my test at seventeen.

Well, at least LH will have a newer and safer car to drive and I am very pleased about that!

Happy Weekend to you all!

Love and best wishes,



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