Update 08/11/21 – it’s my birthday!

Oh my goodness – 65 today! Where did the time go? I am now officially a pensioner – eek!!!

I apologise for this very short post. Friday’s will have photos of various presents. I had a terrible night, so don’t have the energy to take any today. To be honest, I have been indulging myself this afternoon and I don’t have to feel guilty today!

Anyway, here is a quick modelling photo with my “big” present, which you may have seen before earlier in the year. Full details on Friday.

Birthday photo with cashmere stole by Johnstons of Elgin

OK, now I am going to pick up my book again and enjoy reading with a lovely pot of tea!

Love and best wishes,



PS. Thanks for all of the lovely birthday messages of FB and elsewhere!

About The Librain

Retired School Librarian
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1 Response to Update 08/11/21 – it’s my birthday!

  1. carolelud says:

    Happy birthday. Enjoy your day!


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