Update 23/08/21 with an early reveal

Oh, all right then, I will reveal my “secret” purchase!

On Friday, I wrote this…

”A more upbeat update is that I have received an item today that I will show you later in the year! Isn’t that irritating of me?!? Lovely Husband always leaves me to choose my own presents from him as I have such specific tastes. Luckily for me, I spotted something I was already thinking about on eBay at a huge discount! As it will be more useful in the Autumn and Winter months, I am going to put it away until my birthday in November and will post about it on here then.”

… but I can’t wait until November to show the item to you! On 13/08/21 I wrote about exploring the Johnstons of Elgin site and I saw loads of really gorgeous cashmere scarves and wraps. Then I decided to search for them on eBay, just to see what might be available. Well, I was really fortunate and found one of the new designs, entirely unused, at a really discounted price! So, I snapped it up straight away and it arrived on Friday.

Here are some images of my new cashmere stole from the Johnstons of Elgin site to be going on with:

In real life, it is absolutely magnificent – so very soft, with beautiful shades of white, navy, grey, turquoise and green. Perfect for Autumn/Winter snuggles as it measures 190×70 cms.

I am almost looking forward to cold weather!

Anyway, I have now put it away and will save it until my birthday when full modelling photos will be taken and uploaded to this blog. For now, I will just have to get it out of the bag now and then to admire and feel its fluffy softness!

Love and best wishes,



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