Reading roundup 22/12/21 and a Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone! Today’s post is the last one for a while as I am taking an extended break between Christmas and New Year. I hope to return in early January when the festive season is all over.

So, let’s get on with the final Reading Roundup of 2021…

My Sister’s Child by Karen Clarke

My Sister’s Child by Karen Clarke was another of those serendipitous selections from the ebook service. This is the blurb!

”I promised her I’d protect him… and I’ll do anything to keep him safe.

Five years ago, my sister Rachel left her baby boy on my doorstep. A little bundle wrapped in blankets.

I loved him. I cared for him. I called him Noah and raised him as my own.

Rachel was full of secrets, and the truth about Noah was one we shared. A secret just between sisters.

Now, my sister is dead. The police say it was an accident… But I’m convinced that’s a lie.

I owe it to Rachel to uncover the truth… Even if I risk losing the family I’ve fought so hard for.”

I awarded the book three stars on Goodreads and wrote the following review:

My Sister’s ChildMy Sister’s Child by Karen Clarke
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am struggling to write this response to the book. In many ways, it was quite well-written with plenty of suspenseful moments and mystery. But, all in all, I found the plot a bit much. So many reveals, in fact too many. It all began to irritate me by the time I reached the end.

I thought that this book would be worth four stars, but when I eventually finished it felt more like a three star: OK, with good parts, but overall not really satisfying to read.

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So, after this book I decided to go for something more tried and tested…

Dark Sky by C J Box

C J Box’s Dark Sky is the 21st instalment in his Joe Pickett series and I have read all of the books up to this, except one! I must like the books and the genre. Anyway, here is the blurb:

“Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett must accompany a Silicon Valley CEO on a hunting trip – but soon learns that he himself may be the hunted…


It’s a crisp October morning in Wyoming’s Twelve Sleep County, and game warden Joe Pickett should be keeping watch over his patch. Instead, the state governor has roped him into leading Silicon Valley billionaire Steven Price on a hunting trip. The department is facing major budget cuts and Price’s social media empire could bring serious business into the state – if someone can persuade him of Wyoming’s charms.

It looks like a straightforward job, but unbeknownst to Joe, there is a hunter hot on their heels, one with a different manner of prey in mind.

When Joe’s daughter Sheridan and his closest friend Nate Romanowksi learn of the threat, they head out to rescue Joe and his charge. To get out of the woods alive, they will all have to draw on their wits and knowledge of the outdoors as they confront the worst man – and nature – can throw at them.”

I am pleased to be able to say that this was a much more successful choice than the previous book! Here is my short response on Goodreads where I also awarded the book four stars:

Dark Sky (Joe Pickett, #21)Dark Sky by C.J. Box
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yet again, I really enjoyed the latest installment of this very long series. There was such an exciting plot that held me on edge until the final chapters. Also the continued development of favourite characters. With two stories running alongside each other, one was concluded but the other’s finale has been held over until the next book.

My negatives are the political background. The attempt to bring in COVID, antifa and social media didn’t really work for me. But then, I am an English reader, so the US situation is very different for me.

I look forward to the next book, as always!

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I will continue to record my books on Goodreads until the end of the year – I am sure that I will squeeze in some time to read before January arrives!

Anyway – wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love and best wishes,



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